Our Companies


Asiko Energy Holdings is committed to providing a diverse range of clean energy solutions, addressing the energy needs of various sectors in West Africa. By developing a comprehensive clean energy network, Asiko ensures increased access and energy security across the region. Our subsidiaries and divisions include:

Gas Terminalling and Distribution Limited (GTDL)

Gas Terminalling and Distribution in 2008 and today has distribution hubs in Lagos, Benin, Abuja and Kano. The division is committed to providing high-quality Propane, LPG and LNG to customers across Nigeria.

Asiko Power Limited (APL)

Dedicated to providing clean, reliable, and sustainable power solutions, including developing gas-to-power, gas-to-cooling and gas-to-heating projects.

Gas Terminalling Storage Company Limited (GTSL)

Responsible for providing access to critical coastal deliveries, safe storage and management of LPG, propane, and LNG products.

Gas Terminalling Global Operations Limited (GTGOL)

A pioneer member of the “offtakers club.”

Building and managing clean energy infrastructure in countries across West Africa.

Asiko Carbon Zero Limited (ACZL)

Focused on designing, developing and implementing renewable energy and emissions reduction solutions, such as solar power and biogas.

Asiko Hydrocarbon Company Limited (AHCL)

To facilitate our vision of being an industry leader in the value chain of liquified hydrocarbon gas production, Asiko Hydrocarbon Company Limited was incorporated. The company is primed to be largely focused on gas processing and natural gas liquefaction in Nigeria