Asiko is the promoter and the largest (non institutional) investor in Gas Terminalling one of the largest LPGas trading, transportation, distribution and retailing companies in Nigeria.

Against the background of Nigeria’s chronic power supply problems, Asiko Power was established as a specialist power company, offering one-stop captive power plants to our clients (large and small). We specialize in “OFF GRID” gas captive power generation – we bring the gas to you and generate all your energy needs (power, cooling and heating) on your site. We are able to deploy small, medium and large power systems in areas where there are no gas pipelines or reliable power lines. In this way, we are able to bypass the inefficiencies and problems of the national power system, and deliver uninterrupted, cheap and efficient power to our clients.


Gas fuels, as an alternative to liquid fuels, are cheaper, cleaner, and offer reduced operating and maintenance costs when compared with conventional diesel fired power plants.

Although the initial capital costs of purchasing gas generating equipment is higher than that of liquid fuels diesel, the operating costs savings deliver impressive payback periods ranging from 9 months to 3 years depending on the client’s utilization profile.

Power Systems
Asiko holds a unique position in the development of LPGas fuelled captive power plant (CPP) projects in Nigeria and West Africa. In conjunction with Gas Terminalling, our existing gas platform, we offer a one stop solution for “OFF GRID” captive power plants. With this alliance we are able to source LPG, store it, transport it to the client, and convert it in situ into useful energy.

Cooling / Refrigeration Systems
With our Adsorption Chillers Asiko can utilise either the waste heat from our power systems, or direct high efficiency LPGas fired systems to provide cooling, air-conditioning and / or refrigeration. Adsorption chillers are a more efficient and environmentally friendly method of generating cooling. Our chillers, air conditioners and refrigerators are available from as low as 5 tons of refrigeration (ideal for small homes) to as high as 1,000 tons of refrigeration (ideal for hospitals, hotels, factories, data centres and large offices)

Social responsibility

Asiko is committed to providing a positive economic, environmental and social impact to the communities in which we operate, and to the provision of a viable gas alternative to oil and wood fuels for power generation.

Asiko is committed to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and to applying those principles to our business to ensure the sustainable development for our industry and the wider communities in which we operate.

The principles adopted reflect both our key areas of impact: customers and partners, employees, environment and community and our core values of integrity, social responsibility, people and safety.

Health and Safety

Asiko is committed to conducting safe and efficient operations. It recognises that good health and safety management can contribute significantly to its long-term business success and aims not only to comply with health and safety measures, as required by law, but also to act positively to prevent injury and ill health.

Asiko uses consultancy support to provide a Health and Safety Management System; carry out inspections, safety audits and provide advice on Health, Safety and Welfare issues, reporting directly to the CEO.

When developing new sites Asiko works closely with Local Authorities and community groups to minimize the environmental impact through discussions on equipment location, wildlife conservation measures or replanting programmes.