banner_gas-vs-dieselAsiko core values:

  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: To be aware of our impact on the environment and on third parties.
  • PEOPLE: To employ the best people, encourage and support their development
  • SAFETY: To promote safe working practices.

Our Staff
Asiko has a great team of dedicated staff, many of whom have long term experience in the Nigerian gas and power industry.

Asiko ensures that all employees are kept informed of all matters affecting their interests at work and on the performance of the business and have opportunities to raise ideas or concerns on many aspects of the business.

The company has an Equal Opportunities Policy and is committed to avoiding discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion, maintaining a neutral working environment in which no worker feels under threat or intimidated.

Health and Safety
Asiko is committed to conducting safe and efficient operations. It recognises that good health and safety management can contribute significantly to its long-term business success and aims not only to comply with health and safety measures, as required by law, but also to act positively to prevent injury and ill health.

Asiko uses consultancy support to provide a Health and Safety Management System; carry out inspections, safety audits and provide advice on Health, Safety and Welfare issues, reporting directly to the CEO.

When developing new sites Asiko works closely with Local Authorities and community groups to minimize the environmental impact through discussions on equipment location, wildlife conservation measures or replanting programmes.

Once in full operation the impact on local communities is kept to a minimum. The automatic nature of the generating equipment requires little traffic to site and as the generation equipment is sited within sound and weather proofed, noise pollution is kept to a minimum.

Staff Training
Staff safety remains a priority within the company and priority is given to ensuring that all staff receive appropriate health and safety training in their specific area of expertise.

Contract Workers
Asiko utilises third parties to undertake some of Asiko activities which presents additional health and safety challenges. The company remains committed to working with our third parties to minimise risk and ensure the safety and security of all our sites.

For major contracts, contractor health and safety performance is reviewed as part of the tender or selection process. It also develops and agrees project-specific procedures with third party contractors and conducts site safety induction training and audits during performance of the work.